Hi, I am Rachael Willecome Brodie.

I am a Landscape photographer from the United Kingdom. I have a passion for landscape photography. I've been fascinated with landscapes since I was a teenager. I studied Photography at Glamorgan University at HND level. I live in Aberdare which is ideal for Landscape work based around the Brecon National Park. I like nothing better than to stand on a hillside taking photo's of the surrounding landscape. My hobbies include reading, jigsaw puzzles and long walks along the beach.


Sana J - Amazing work, the photo's you took of our wedding were stunning!

Jo B - Rachael Willecome Brodie has a particular gift as a photographer: she can turn serenity into something you can almost touch. From sunsets and silhouettes, shot beautifully against the light, to tranquil landscapes in bright raking sunshine, to misty seascapes, her pictures show a love of light and the countryside, often without the disturbance that even one human figure might bring.

Jo Brodie (author, no relation).

Jayne J - Rachael is a true professional, dedicated to her love of photography. Her work is absolutely fabulous and second to none, stunning, natural and mesmerising. Rachael creates timeless storytelling images, with a personal touch. I would highly recommend her great service and high quality product.

A story goes with each photograph, they give a wonderful insight into how they were captured, her work makes me feel I was there.

Looking forward to my next purchase